Creating an Event

Creating an Event

Log into your account at 

Click on the Add Events tab on the left of the page.

Step 1:

Fill out the ‘Event Add Form’. Enter the event name and description. Format and add images or video to your event descriptions. 

Enter the date and time of the event.

Add Banner images and Background images

Enter any images, video links  and social media links that support your event. Images can be left blank but random images will be applied to your event, so adding Banner and Background images is encouraged. Gallery and video links are optional.

Enter the name of the venue where your event is happening or enter it manually.

Step 2: Create your tickets. You will be enter the name of the tickets, price and quantity available. If your ticket is free enter 0 in the price field and the ticket will be free. Free events are free! You can also add a description for the ticket. For example- what is included in that ticket purchase.

 I will pay the fees – Checking this box allows you to absorb the fees and customers will only pay the ticket cost at checkout. Fees are then deducted from the payments made to the event organizer. Default value for this field is unchecked.

Clicking Advanced Settings will show you more options to automate and organize your ticket further:

On sale dates – Manage the on-sale dates for the ticket. Default values is current time until the end time of the event.

Valid from dates – Manage the validity dates for the ticket. They are automatically set to the beginning and end times of the event. Please be careful when modifying these fields.

Ticket limit per purchase – Entering a value in this field allows you to control how many tickets can be purchased per order. This field is optional.

Availability – Allows you to sell tickets online only, in the box office only, or sell both online and in the box office. Default is “online only”.

Include in group – Adding tickets to a group allows you to group tickets together. A group must be created first before tickets can be added to the group. This selection is optional.

Sort order – A sort order value from 1-100 can be added. A low sort order value will show tickets at the top of the list and a high sort order value will show tickets at the bottom of the list. This field is optional.

Apply a Discount – You can add or apply an existing discount to the ticket you are creating.

Save your ticket. Add any additional tickets before you publish or add additional to the event after it is published.

Step 3: Review your event and Publish your event.

You can save this event as a Template or make you event Private. Publishing a private event will make it so the event will not show up on the general list of events on the website. You can send the URL to anyone that you want to see the event.