How to Add Affiliates partners to your event

Open a browser window and enter the URL and log into your account at :

Choose an event to add your affiliate sales partner to.

After you have selected the event, click on the Event Setup in the sub menu on the left. Click the Affiliate tab. Next click on  add new affiliate.

Fill out the form. You will need to name the Affiliate. You can be creative or just use your promotional partners name or business. Check the box send welcome email if you want your affiliate to receive an email from Giveback about their affiliate link.

An email will be sent to you Affiliate partner. The Affiliate will be able to share this link on his or hers social media pages, websites and newsletters.

When your link is created it will show in the data table below on the Affiliate tab. Copy the url and send it to your Affiliate partner. The Affiliate partner will be past this link in their promotional material. The sales directly generated from this link will be tracked. This can help you track which of partners are converting sales.

For a more detail breakdown of Affiliate sales click the affiliate’s name highlighted in blue and you will be linked to a detailed data table.