What does Social Capitalism Stand for?

Social capitalism is when non-profit organizations that solve social issues, redirect profit back to the society for the good of all.

For-profit organizations working for social and environmental improvements, and for-profit organizations that give back some or all of their profit to the public, is what social capitalism stands for, Giveback Tickets being an example. 

Social capitalism stands for people investing in, working for, seeking out and purchasing from, talking about and sharing information on social capitalist organizations and talking other people into engagements or business with such organizations, and at the same discouraging and talking people out of engagements and business with organizations that are not for societal good. In essence, a Giveback Tickets staff, customer or partner is a social capitalist. 

In addition, social capitalism stands for defining people for not just their economic class or what labor they can render to a company or the profit they can make for a company, but rather for what good they can do the public by their social relations. It is about the empowerment of all and helping everyone to their goals and maximizing their potentials. 

Social capitalism eventually brings about the growth and prosperity of everyone. It does the public good and by no means leaves anybody left out. For the betterment of the society, it is advisable that more social capitalist like Giveback Tickets come about.