What is Social Capitalism?

Making a better world with your help

Social Capitalism refers to a type of capitalism that is socially minded and aims to improve social outcomes, in contrast to focusing on accumulating capital like the classic capitalist. It is capitalism with a social purpose.

Social capitalism is not capitalism, it is not socialism, it is something in between. The goal of social capitalism is to direct capital towards the benefit of all, via markets. It is particularly about giving solutions to social issues, profit-making and it also emphasizes justice, liberty, and equality among all people. Social capitalism is not a political or economic system but a value system instead. 

All actions of social capitalism are elective, hence the liberty. A social capitalist can be anyone, and no individual or collective is deprived of their benefits, equality in summary and the justice comes in because the actions of social capitalist care for the well-being of the public, and this is good in all moral standards.