Who is a Social Capitalist?

The best way to describe a social capitalist is as someone that makes deliberate effort to aid social and environmental improvements for the good of all, the present generations and the ones to come, and doing this, stands for equality and fairness for all. 

A person that decides to designate via any market, an aspect of capital or labor for the good of the public, is the definition of a social capitalist. 

If an organization in all its dealings, hires, invests, produces, and makes a profit, but has an end product of benefiting the public, it is safe to say that the organization is engaging in social capitalism. 

An organization like Giveback Tickets, for example, is a perfect example of a social capitalist. Visit Giveback Tickets and see how much of a social capitalist the organization is. This company handles the ticketing needs of people or groups. You do your craft and they take care of the ticketing for you, any size, any event, from concerts to festivals to charity events, whatever it is. What’s more, Giveback donates money to charity after ticket sales. All this company does is sell tickets, make money, give back, repeat.